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Reviews for Karen Wimhurst's Original Music

‘Truly superb’

‘Extraordinary combination of jazz, classical and Scottish traditional styles’
Glasgow Herald

“…music that almost never treads water and promises a surprise around every corner.” John Fordham, The Guardian

​“The style of performance was innovative, not least in the fact that a new category

of modern ‘choral theatre’ was forged. The music element stretched everyone involved artistically because of the ambition and intricacy of Karen Wimhurst’s composition...’  The Stage.

​“dramatic, compelling, thought provoking and challenging the opera Synthetica is brilliantly conceived for a soprano soloist, a trumpet player, and DJ mixing tracks live by the composer Karen Wimhurst.”  Andrew Burns Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

‘...a performance packed with stunning musical technique and interpretation of original material interspersed….what a treat!’  Fine Times Recorder

‘a love of all things musical, and with a wicked - and intelligent - sense of humour to match.’ Fatea Records

"...The music is beautiful and measured, a real pleasure to settle in and get familiar of calm bringing a measure of sympathy and healing to a strange and deadly world. "     Tim Cumming Songlines

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