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Instrument / Ensemble

Karen Wimhurst has been commissioned by a wide range of ensembles throughout the UK as well as writing for her own crossover bands.

Orchestral and large ensemble >>

Chamber Pieces >>

Orchestral and Large Ensemble


Alive and Kicking

​For improvising youth string orchestra, professional concertante ( and rhythm section (db, kit). 2 narrators 
WP: conductor Ewa Strusinska, Manchester Camerata, Benjamin Bryant kit, Geth Griffith DB, Manchester youth string orchestras. 2009


String orchestra, percussion and solo accordion.  Premiere Plymouth Festival of Contemporary music Feb ’08. Commission part of composer in residence post with University of Plymouth 2008.  


Ten Tors Orchestra

In the Beyond

Suite for Big Band.  Commissioned Dorset Music Services.   Poole Lighthouse 2006

Jazz Orchestra, 1 narrator
WP: DYJO 2006

Silver Messenger

Soprano solo, SATB chorus, chamber ensemble (vn, vn,vc,db,a.sax),organ, perc ensemble(8inc.4 timp), wind band. 
c.1 hour
WP. Frances Lynch sop, Confluence ensemble , Dorset youth  percussion and wind band 2001

1.Flight of the Swans


2(pic)222/4221/timp.2 perc/str
WP: Welsh National Opera 2008

City Songs Dragon and Kids
Excerpt one city songs


Soprano solo, brass band.2 perc
c. 5 mins


Chamber ensemble(pic, s.sax, tpt,tbn.tba) percussion ensemble (4 timp, 4 s.drum), wind band.c.7’
WP confluence ensemble, Dorset youth  percussion and wind band 2001


String orchestra

8.Powerful as the Ganges

In Times of Flood                   

Work for string orchestra, drum kit and solo accordion.  Commissioned by the Chard Festival of Women in Music and premiered by Karen Tweed, Solid Strings at Chard Festival 2000.

In Times of Flood Ten Tors Ocrch. Karen

Falling and Down Under     

Coma South commission .For mixed ensemble First performances Reading South St. Arts Centre and Southampton Arts March 2002.


Work for Bournemouth Sinfonietta wind nonet and sound track.  Commissioned by Common Ground.  Premiere June ’99.

wind nonet 1 (aft) 2(ca)2(bcl)2(cb) soundtrack           c.40’WP.Bournemouth Sinfonietta 1999

Uniform Short

Chamber Pieces

Memory Like Shells

String quartet, narrator.  Composed alongside war veteran Norman Winchester.  Allegri String Quartet

Memory Like Shells

The Ring

Work for string quartet, singer, trapeze act, synchronised swimmers and chorus.  Commissioned by Sea Change.  Premiere Norwich and Norfolk Festival, October 1999.   

Bright Rain of Summer
11. Missing the Boat

Knocking On

String Quartet 
WP.McFalls Chamber 2005

Knocking On


String Quartet
c. 12 ‘
WP.McFalls Chamber 2001

Air and Waves                       

Composer in residence with An Tobar Arts, March 2002 featuring new commission for Mcfalls,  commissioned by Scottish Chamber Orchestra and strings quartets written in collaboration with young people at An Tobar.  Broadcast 15/5/2002 and 16/5/2002 BBC radio 3.   Premiered the Bongo Club Edinburgh 5/5/2002.

01 Seonaid
07 Memories Of Childhood

Pois Chiches

String quartet.  Commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.  Premiere March ’98.

Circus in a Square

String Quartet
c. 12 ‘
WP.McFalls Chamber 2001

Circus Conspiracy
13 Airborne

Exposed Island                      

Work for Scottish Flute Trio and guitarist Allan Neave with poet Pauline Prior Pitt.  Commissioned by Warwick Arts Festival.  Premiere July 14th 2001.  Scottish tour 2001/2002.  Warwick Arts Festival 2005.

3 ft(aft),guitarc.12’WP. Scottish Flute Trio, guitarist Allan Neave,  poet Pauline Prior Pitt. 2005,2003

The Arc of Possibility

Solo soprano, brass quintet
WP. Catriona Barr,Onyx Brass Ensemble 2007.

01 Seonaid
07 Memories Of Childhood


Three pieces for Clarinet and Piano

Piece 1
Piece 3
Piece 2

Wind Up

Jazz quartet, Voice Clarinet, Guitar and Double Bass (Misbehavin')

Wind Up

Out There In Time

Jazz quartet, Voice Clarinet, Guitar and Double Bass (Misbehavin')

Out There In Time

As and When

Clarinet and accordion (Pagoda Project)

As and When

Current Affairs

Clarinet and accordion (Pagoda Project)

Current Affairs

Fruit of Paradise

Celebrating Common Ground’s 21st anniversary of Apple Day this evening traces the exotic journey of the apple from the Tien Shang mountains near Kazkstahn into our British orchards. This is a contemporary folk tale featuring ballad singer Emily Portman, accordionist Paul Hutchinson, violinist John Hymas, composer/clarinettist Karen Wimhurst and can include a children’s choir

Folk Memories
Tarantella of Myth

Grey Coming

Piano and Clarinet

Grey Coming 1
Grey Coming 2

Fanfares for Stur                   

3 fanfares for Brass quintet

Night Halo                             

3 pieces for wind quintet.

Baylis Lecture

Works composed with senior residents in care homes in Westminster.  Subject of Baylis Lecture.  

Intro Karen Wimhurst
Follow the Sun Dolly Cooper
Binky Mary Clune

Fishnets 1 and 2

Pieces for clarinet and piano.

Fishnet a Little Song for Clarinet 1
Fish Net A Little Song for Clarinet 2. .

The 4K Plot

Clarinet , accordion (Wimhurst Tweed)

07 Sky Viewing
08 Shopping In Celestial Skies
11 First Flight

River Songs                            

Wind quintet and mezzo soprano OR flute trio and mezzo soprano

And He Shall Have Music      

Piano  solo


Work for the Watershed trio.  Commissioned by Common Ground.  Premiered May 2000.

Grind and Dissolve

Work for ‘Watershed’ (clarinet, cello, double bass).   Commissioned by Common Ground.  Premiere June ’99

Fragility of Flight

Fine art film and soundtrack with artist Keith McIntyre.  Conceived on North Uist in Scotland.  Touring with clarinet trio 2008 Western Isles.  Poole Study Gallery Oct 2008;  Plymouth Darwin Festival 2009.  Grant from the Scottish Arts Council

Circus Conspiracy

Picasso Suite

Clarinet, guitar, accordion

Folk Memories
Tarantella of Myth


Brass quintet
c. 3’
WP.Crump quintet 2008

Big Heids

Brass quintet

Dissolving Islands

ft, aft, ct,vib,vib.

Pois Chiches

String Quartet
c. 12 ‘
WP.McFalls Chamber 2001

Here We Are

2 clarinets and piano
c. 4’

Fanfare for a Flourishing Embryo

a.fl, cl, b cl,perc,vib,pno,vln,vc

Cauld Blast Orchestra

Founded in 1990 by Karen Wimhurst and won The Jazz Critics Award, Edinburgh Festival 1990, and the Scottish Arts Council Award for a commission in August 1999

Track 03

Song and Dance Man

(arrangements of Mahler Symphonies)

string quartet, cl(bcl),accord.

Falling Down Under

Variable Ensemble
c. 8’
WP. Coma ensemble 2002

Melbury Springs

cl(bcl),vc,db, tibetan gongs, water bowls, soundtrack 
WP. Watershed(Wimhurst, Dickie, Miles) Frank Perry 2000

Carmens Fleeting Dream

Prepared Piano

Carmen's Fleeting Dream

He Shall Have Dancing Wherever He Goes

solo pn.
Wimhurst 2008

Reel within Veils

WP. Karen Tweed, Karen Wimhurst

Three Short Pieces


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