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Opera / Music Theatre

Heart Of The Matter

Created for arts and contemporary music festivals


Heart of the Matter is a bijoux performance presented by three diverse mesmerising musicians. It packs all the punch of a grand opera in just 45 minutes and can be performed several times a day/evening.


The Prologue

PULSE begins the show – a jazz inflected suite for clarinet and piano by Helen Porter performed by Helen and Karen Wimhurst.


A short interval follows.  Composer & clarinettist Karen introduces her pocket chamber opera Heart of the Matter, sung by Basso Profundo Ed Bersey, accompanied by Helen at the piano.


The Opera

Heart of the Matter is a dramatic soliloquy exploring masculine drive, fast living and eco-hedonism. 


A tale of one man’s lust for wealth, fast cars and reaching for the stars.

And after a shocking mid-life cathartic event, his redemption and enlightenment.

Three performers present a performance that is stylish, entertaining and virtuosic.

Music to set the pulse racing. Rhythmic and dynamic as a heart-beat, with poignant story telling – this compact and thrilling show is all heart.

What the audience say

"I was transfixed!  A fantastic evening of outstanding music. I was mesmerised by both compositions and the performances were wonderful." 
Pauline Weiss


"Karen's "pocket opera" was awesome and Ed's basso profundo voice unique! It truly was a wonderful and very special evening."
Gill White


“artistry and originality in equal measure. A delightful and accessible programme”

David Grierson


"My first bit of contemporary opera and it had me riveted. Ed Bersey was amazing. And the story and emotion were so relevant. I loved the way the piano and voice were so linked together to tell the story.  And those clarinet and piano pieces a different feel entirely – absolutely wonderful performance."
Yvette Andewartha


"I just want to pass on how much I loved this evening, the music was fantastic, very moving!"
Li Selman


"Amazing!!!!', 'Absolutely Fantastic!!!"
Sara Wood

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